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“Looking back, it’s easy to see why your guests are delighted at all of the little things you do to make a journey memorable.” 
- Larry Riley


Pompano Beach Club, Astwood Cove, Horseshoe Beach, Ferry Point Park, UNESCO Site St. George, Botanical Gardens, World's smalles Drawbridge, Fort Scaur, Royal Navy Dockyard, Fort Hamilton, Harrington Sound 

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Easy walking on railway trails, beaches and through scenic forests.
We use one central lodge for the entire trip, giving this adventure a particularly relaxing feel and schedule.


Bermuda: Island Walk

easy Easy easy Easy 6 days of easy walking. Follow the Bermuda Railway Trail to white sandy beaches, mangroves and vibrant cities.

There is an uncaptureable mystique surrounding tropical islands. While warm sea breezes ruffle palm leaves, you sit reclined on a beach lounge, admiring your freshly tanned feet with an endless turquoise ocean stretching beyond imagination in the background. But there’s more than just serenity and relaxation in Bermuda. The Railway Trail traces a path through the island’s secrets, and the heady scent of roses fills the air. There are beautiful forested stretches, mangroves and marshlands, amazingly pink beaches, and commanding sea cliffs. There are towns and tradition dating to the earliest days of western colonization, guarded by classic British forts where centuries-old history feels very much alive. At Somerset, you will find the world’s smallest drawbridge. From Abbott’s Cliff, you will have a dazzling view of Harrington Sound. The only thing to pull you down from this surreal cloud is the endless hospitality and warm-hearted demeanor of the locals, whose laid back attitudes and accents will bring a smile to your face the moment you disembark in this old British colony. Journey with us into this island paradise and forge lasting memories of a truly unique place in the world.

Day 1:  Meet, and walk 5-7km (3-4 miles). Astwood Cove to Horseshoe Beach
Meet poolside at your inn at 15:00. Your hotel features bright sunny rooms, a pool and a dining terrace overlooking the intensely turquoise water and beach.  After introductions and a brief orientation, you will take a short walk and picnic in Astwood Cove Seaside Park to experience a taste of Bermuda’s unique beauty. We will wander along Bermuda’s famed South Shore Park to Horseshoe Beach, one of the island’s most popular, then return via the Railway Trails and Tribe Roads. The 21-mile Bermuda Railway Trail, of which we will walk half by week’s end, was converted in the 1980’s to an ideal walking trail that runs almost the entire length of Bermuda. D
Pompano Beach Club, Southampton

Day 2:  Walk 5-7km (3-4 miles) to St. George
Begin your day with a transfer to Ferry Reach, picking up the trail that winds along the seashore of St. George’s Island. You’ll walk to a small sandy beach at Whale Bone Bay near Ferry Point Park and have a chance to visit the Martello Tower. Your walk continues to the town of St. George, whence begins an historical journey in the oldest English-speaking town in the New World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This afternoon there is an option to continue to Tobacco Bay, protected from the Atlantic Ocean by craggy rock formations that offer wonderful scenery.  You can also take time to explore on your own – relaxing in a cafe or pub by the sea, or checking out the art galleries, craft shops, museum or the replica of the 1610 sailing ship Deliverance.  BL
Same lodging

Day 3:  Walk 5-7km (3-4 miles). Spittal Pond, Botanical Gardens and Boat Tour
You’ll begin your day at one of Bermuda's loveliest and most rugged nature reserves, Spittal Pond. Later, you will visit the Botanical Gardens, where there is much to interest both the horticulturist and the casual nature lover, and then on to enjoy the Waterville Nature Trust. After lunch, you will explore the surroundings with a guided kayak tour. You will go ashore in the capital of Hamilton for a bit a free time to enjoy its colonial charm before meeting for dinner at a pub in the city.  BLD
Same lodging

Day 4: Walk 5-7km (3-4 miles). Hog Bay Park, Heydon Trust, and The Royal Navy Dockyard
At the world’s smallest drawbridge in Somerset, you will catch a glimpse of what Bermuda may have looked like a hundred years ago at Hog Bay Park. You will visit Fort Scaur - a 19thC. fort built by Royal Engineers as a first defense for the Royal Navy Dockyard. From there, enjoy a lush walk through the roses and Bermudian upland forest of Heydon Trust, a sanctuary for migrating birds. After noon, you will head to Bermuda’s Royal Naval Dockyard, a 200-acre complex that was once a strategic outpost for the British fleet. You will have time to visit the craft market and other folk art attractions in this wonderful complex. Meet up in the evening to share the day’s experiences over dinner. BLD
Same lodging

Day 5: Walk up to 7km (4.5 miles). Harrington Sound, North Shore and Fort Hamilton
Your day begins with a transfer to Bailey's Bay in Hamilton Parish. The first stop is Abbot’s Cliff, overlooking the Harrington Sound. Walking through woodlands, you will stop often to gaze at the breathtaking views across much of central Bermuda. You will wind your way down to a rugged, beautiful section of the railway trail along the North Shore, then follow it past a pretty working fishing cove, marshlands, brackish ponds and mangrove swamps on our way to Shelly Bay.
After lunch, transfer to Fort Hamilton, an impressive bastion overlooking the city. From there, head to the City of Hamilton and tour the parks, museum, the Anglican Cathedral, and Parliamentary buildings. You will gain a deep sense of the city’s architecture and history. BLD
Same lodging

Day 6: Walk up to 2.5 miles or 4km. Western beaches, and farewell
This morning, stroll along the Western beaches to Gibb’s Lighthouse for a light lunch at the tearoom. Return to your lodge by 15:00, to say farewells. BL

Start: Pompano Beach Club, Bermuda at 15:00, day one
Finish: Pompano Beach Club, 15:00 day six
Guided Cost:  $2995 (per person, includes 6 days, 5 nights, 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners, park entry fees, kayaking, luggage handling, guide)
Single Occupancy: $675
2014 Guided Dates: By Request. See our Guaranteed Groups for current details. Add your own dates (learn more)

All details are subject to change without notice.



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