Bring your own equipment


You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own bike/kayak if you choose. If you do, please be aware of the following:
We cannot transport bike boxes during your tour unless we have made prior arrangements with you. This can result in additional costs. We can usually find ways for you to store your bike box at the start/finish point, and can sometimes arrange a taxi pickup at the airport when you arrive. Please ask well ahead of time if you intend to arrive with a bike box.
We cannot accept responsibility for damage due to handling. We will do our best, but roof-racks and van loading sometimes causes minor scratches and tears.
You must give your bike a complete tune-up prior to coming, and should come prepared with basic spare parts that fit your bike. Bike shops are rare in most of our travels, and it may be difficult to get parts on the road if problems arise.
You should arrive prepared to put your own bike together, and to re-pack your bike at the end of the tour. If you are not comfortable  doing so, we suggest considering the rental of one of our bikes. They are mechanically prepared  ahead of time, and will remove the cost and hassle of transport.

How to pack your bike for air transport

Remove front and rear wheels and let the air out of both tires.
Remove front and rear mudguards complete with stays, if fitted.
Lower saddle as far as it will go.
Remove pedals and refit them onto the inside of the cranks.
Remove the rear derailleur without disconnecting the cable, and, with an elastic band or cable tie, attach it within the rear end of the frame. This will protect it from any knocks. At the same time, tie up the loose chain in a similar manner.
Turn the handlebars (and forks) to be aligned with the top tube. You may need to remove the stem and handlebars by loosening the stem or headset bolts. Secure handlebar assembly inside the large triangle of your frame using cable ties, tape or bungees.
If you do have mudguards, attach them to the wheels with elastic bands and cable ties.
Attach the wheels to the frame with bungees or cable ties.
Check this whole assembly for any fragile protuberances and deal with them.
Be sure to check with your airline for special conditions regarding bicycles before you arrive at the airport to avoid any last-minute surprises.

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