“The scenery is gorgeous, the inns are welcoming, and the Irish people exceptionally hospitable. It is a great trip, even if it rains!”
– Susan H. & Quincy S.

Bike tours and walking in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

Have you ever enjoyed a bicycle ride over the moors of Scotland or Wales, or along the Irish Connemara coast? It should be on everybody's bucket list! Bike touring in Scotland, on beautifully paved, single track roads, takes you to soul-stirring places with mesmerizing history. Cycling the Irish coast of Connemara is an essential experience for any active visitor to Ireland; it's arguably the very best way to meet the locals and get a feeling for the green isle. Cycling the Welsh hills and moors is truly breathtaking and only suitable for hill-lovers. Walking in Northern Ireland will reveal a friendly, hospitable, and beautifully coastal collection of walks in a place seldom frequented by outsiders. Come, let us show you some hidden gems in the Glens of Antrim and along the Bushmills Coast. These walks and bike tours are chock full of old world wonder!

Cotswolds Walk

Six nights; six days of hiking on small paths, quiet lanes, and the Cotswold Way...more

Cambridge & East Anglia Bike Tour

Six nights; six days of moderately easy cycling on on quiet country lanes through East Anglia... more

Antrim Glens & Coast Walk

Six nights; seven days with Ireland’s most famous storyteller – Willie Drennan...more

Connemara Bike Tour

Seven nights; seven days by bicycle on the gently rolling paved roads of Connemara.... more

Donegal Bike Tour

Six nights; six days of bicycle touring on the paved roads of Donegal's coast...more

Donegal Hike

Six nights; five days of moderate hiking on Donegal's coastal paths including Glenveagh... more

Kerry & Dingle Bike

Six nights; seven days Hilly cycling on paved roads around the Dingle Peninsula... more

North Scotland Bike

Six nights; six days of cycling on a mix of quiet single lane and buiser ... more

West Coast Bike

Six nights; seven days of bicycle touring on very quiet one-lane paved roads of western Scotland... more

Beacons to Snowdon Bike

Seven nights; six days of very hilly and challenging cycling on paved roads... more