Sea Kayak Tours in Eastern Canada

Sea Kayak & Canoe Rentals, Lessons, Paddling Day Trips, and Multi-day Tours in Nova Scotia.

Paddling is an old skill, changed little with the passage of eons. You can follow the same coastlines and waterways as ancient hunters, fishers, and voyageurs, using the same double-bladed paddles that have propelled them for centuries. It is deeply satisfying to experience the coastlines this close to the water. Things slow down, details become clearer, and the sounds of the wild fill the time. A week of this warming activity will be both longer than you imagine and shorter than you had hoped.

These kayak tours give you a luxurious experience, whether you choose inn-to-inn or camping. The wilderness camping includes tents with pillows, delicious and nutritious meals, and a large sailing ketch to transport your extra camping comforts and water between island campsites. The inn-to-inn trips include luggage transport between comfortable lodges. In either case, you will be free to explore, in a light boat, with the comfort of an inviting dinner and a dry, comfy bed at the end of each day.

The convoluted coast of Atlantic Canada is a paradise for coastal paddlers. Sheltered coves, sandy bays, beaches, and beautiful offshore islands all harbour a wide variety of wildlife, and the clarity of the water off these coasts will astound you.

No previous sea kayaking experience is necessary when you have a guide, but you should be in reasonably good physical condition, and should feel comfortable on the water. If you have no experience, or if you cannot demonstrate proficiency at self-rescue and marine trip planning, we will insist that you join a group with a guide, or have a training session and paddling plan. We want your experience to be safe and enjoyable.

Our flexible service includes seakayak and canoe rentals, holiday plans, instruction or fully guided support. We can customize kayak tour itineraries for your family or private group of any size. You will eat well, while we care about your enjoyment, looking after all the details and logistics so that you can relax, clear your mind, and enjoy your surroundings. We are ready to creat the setting for you to simply breathe, paddle, and enjoy....

Please explore this map with links to our itineraries. If you want something different, call us. We are happy to create customized plans for you.


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