Yes. You can join a tour and ride in the support vehicle (or follow in your own vehicle, in which case a trip-specific discount may apply; call us for details). In many cases, you will be transferred to your destination of the day early enough that you can explore under your own steam. Bear in mind that on inn change days, you may not be able to check in early.

Small groups, and the small inns we can use. The care we put into trailside nutrition. Our willingness to customize, and the care we put into all the details. Our new Trek bikes in Canada. Our local guides and their network. Our resilience in the face of pandemics, etc. Our family-run creative approach to making your experience extraordinary.

Unless you are a private group, we usually restrict our tours to 12-14 people. The guide to guest ratio is usually 1:6 or better.

We usually recommend one of our green circle “easy” adventures, so that you can more easily cover the routes with lower exertion and without the need for vehicle support, but we welcome your participation on more challenging trips, too. On cycling trips, the support vehicle can help if you have bitten off more than you can comfortably chew. You might also consider an e-bike if you want some extra power. On hiking trips, it is more important that you match your ability to the difficulty level, because you will spend much of the day away from the support vehicle, and will not be as happy if you’re the slowest in a group. If you tell us more about yourself before booking, we will try to recommend the best fit for you.

If you are choosing a guided bike tour, you will be looked after whatever your fitness level, even if it means getting boosts from the support vehicle. If you are choosing a walking or hiking adventure, please look at the distance, elevation profiles, and route notes to make sure they look like a good fit with your stamina and ability. On self-guided trips, you will normally need to cover the distances on your own, but will have a support driver nearby in case you need help, and who will be moving your luggage and can give you a boost at the same time.

Although we support our guided bicycle tours with vehicles having capacity to pick up some of the riders at any time, you will enjoy the holiday more if you have some practice. For bicycle tours, we suggest you go for several short rides (5-10km) in the weeks leading up to your holiday, and at least one long, sustained ride (20-30km). This helps eliminate the soreness associated with the first ride after long periods of abstinence. It also gets your body used to riding positions, and may show you what clothing will make you most comfortable. On walking and hiking trips, we suggest you go for a few hour-long walks in the weeks before you come, and to try to string at least two days together, with walks of 2-3 hours each.

Our challenging rides attract more vigorous riders, and are designed to make you pleasantly tired after a day of challenging activity. You are welcome to join for the sake of the location and scenery, but may have to accept boost rides in the support vehicle if you are not maintaining the pace required to complete the day’s distance. The hike on the Viking Trail is not van-supported, and demands eight hours of steady hiking, partly on steep slopes. The option exists to turn back at the base of the mountain.

Get in touch with our office at any time. We love to know you want one, and will get it to you as quickly as is possible.

Because of van space concerns, we cannot provide transport for bike boxes, except by prior arrangement, usually at an extra cost. However, we can usually find ways for you to store your bike box at the start/finish point, and can sometimes arrange a taxi pickup at the airport when you arrive. You should arrive prepared to put your own bike together, and to re-pack your bike at the end of the tour. Our guides have many concerns to which they must devote their time, and are not free to help you with mechanical issues until all other needs have been met. If you are not comfortable putting your own bike together, we suggest considering the rental of one of our bikes. They are mechanically prepared ahead of time, and will remove the cost and hassle of transporting your own bike. You might also want to ship your bike to a bike shop and ask them to re-assemble it for you, but we urge you not to ship across borders, where they tend to get delayed.

We seek and provide excellent nutrition for hungry adventurers. We ask you for information about your dietary restrictions and preferences before you arrive, and are able to adapt our trailside picnics to your needs. We inform your guides and the restaurants included in the itinerary so that they are aware ahead of time. You will need to follow through at restaurants to advocate for yourself, but vegetarians, vegans, seafood lovers, children, and other discriminating palates can usually be well accommodated. If you have kosher, celiac, or other very restrictive dietary needs, please ask before booking so that we can give you trip-specific expectations.

As a family or multi-generation group you may book any Freewheeling Adventure, and can request a private version if you like. Otherwise, once you have reserved, we will do our best to attract other families with similar ages.

If young children are part of your family plans, please call us to include us from the start, and to ascertain the suitability of your tour choice. We will work for you to maximize the fun and ease the planning for you. We are a family business with plenty of experience with family groups. We know that young children like to slow down and play at every opportunity, and that parents and grandparents sometimes like to play a part in that fun while also covering the day’s route. We adapt to these mixed needs with a flexible guiding style, sensitive to the preferences and dynamics of each family group. It is common for us to adjust the pace to suit the youngest or oldest, while asking for the indulgence of faster explorers, to keep the holiday spirit at its best. If you instruct us otherwise, we listen to that, too.

There are discounts available when three people share a room. If a third participant 12 years old or younger shares a room with two other full-paying guests, they receive a 20% adventure discount. This becomes a 50% discount if the third participant is 4 years old or younger. We avoid the use of temporary beds for adults, but if you can accept one for your children, it can open up more sharing possibilities and savings.

Children’s bikes, trailer-bikes, and trailers, when rented in association with a Canadian tour and other adult bicycle rentals, are complimentary. We extend this saving to adult bikes ridden by teenagers travelling with parents on a Canadian or European trip having a minimum of four participants. Burley d’Lite trailers, with a total weight of 17lbs, and a towing capacity of 100lbs, are available for those who are yet too young to pedal. They are suitable for one or two children and have storage pockets, rain covers and sunscreens. Availability is limited, so please reserve well ahead. Trailer bikes attach to the back of any adult bike to turn into tandems suitable for children up to 4′ tall. The children can assist you by pedaling or can simply freewheel as you do all the work while they focus their attention on the passing sights and your conversation. Tandem bikes are also available in some locations.