Costa Rica sets the pace for a wonderful active holiday. The climate is perfect for cycling and swimming; the people are educated, friendly, and beautiful; and there are heavenly places to rest at night. These bicycle tours combine a smorgasbord of active delights, including abundant wildlife sightings, beautiful rides on quiet roads, opportunities for zip-lining, surfing and horseback riding, and rests at exquisite lodges. You will visit absolute biological reserves, butterfly gardens, coffee plantations, deserted beaches,and tropical surf on the enchanting beaches of the north Pacific coast. For more information on both the challenging and relaxed pace tours, select from the links below.

Bicycle tour Costa Rica

Challenging Bike Tour

Seven nights; six days of challenging cycling from the Monteverde Cloud Forest to the empty beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula on the west coast.

Bicycle tour relaxed Costa Rica

Relaxed Bike Tour

Seven nights; seven days; four inns, and days off between rides to enjoy the nature of your stops. Wildlife is abundant, and you are likely to feel a part of it!