Atlantic Canada is a paradise for coastal paddlers.

It is deeply satisfying to experience the coastlines this close to the water. Sheltered coves, sandy bays, beaches, and beautiful offshore islands harbour a wide variety of wildlife, and the clarity of the water off these coasts will astound you.

…deepest appreciation for a wonderful experience.” Dawn K. and Darrell S.

These kayak tours give you a luxurious experience, whether you choose inn-to-inn or camping. The wilderness camping includes tents with pillows, delicious and nutritious meals, and a large sailing ketch to transport your extra camping comforts and water between island campsites. The inn-to-inn trips include luggage transport between comfortable lodges. In either case, you will be free to explore, in a light boat, with the comfort of an inviting dinner and a dry bed at the end of each day.

Nova Scotia Day Trips

Please refer to our Nova Scotia Day Trips page for info and pricing.