Cycling Holidays in Austria

Cycling Holidays in Austria

A cycling holiday in Austria is an ideal choice for families and leisurely cyclists with a rich appreciation for culture and heritage. One of Europe's oldest and most cherished bike paths, cycling the banks of the Danube River promises flat terrain on paved trails and quiet roads. Each village along the Passau to Vienna bike tour displays the art and architecture of the Austrian Empire, with highlights such as Melk's Benedictine Abbey, the UNESCO wine region of Wachau, and Linz's musical and artistic legacy. You will witness the influence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire along the second half of the Danube ride, Vienna to Budapest. Predominantly downhill, the route travels through Bratislava's historical towns of Gyor and Esztergom. The fascinating city of Szentendre is a must, with its plethora of churches, galleries, and museums - most notably, the Hungarian Open Air Museum. Whether you choose one supported tour (guided or self-guided) in Austria or link both together, an unforgettable cycling vacation awaits.

Bicycle tour Passau to Vienna Austria

Passau to Vienna Danube Bike Tour

Seven nights; six days of easy cycling along the meandering banks of the Danube River, from village to village on quiet bike paths - the ideal way to explore the rich art, history and architecture of the Austrian Empire.

Bicycle tour Vienna to Budapest Austria

Vienna to Budapest Danube Bike Tour

Seven nights; six days of easy cycling along the banks of the Danube River. You will experience a region rich in art and architecture influenced by the history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.