Although our modus operandi requires the use of motorized vehicles for transport logistics, we seek and attempt to use vehicles of a size that minimizes fuel consumption per person. Shared capacity is utilized as far as possible without compromising the quality of our guests’ experience.

We promote sustainable travel to the communities we visit. We support those communities by choosing locally-run restaurants, by shopping at local markets that minimize packaging, and by including local people in the support and presentation of our holiday itineraries.

We use organically and locally produced foods whenever possible on our trips, and we serve it using sustainable equipment, avoiding the use of disposable, non-recyclable containers. We consume and present healthy food. We use local sources, and we compost leftovers, wherever possible, or at our HQ in Nova Scotia.

We print our literature on paper made from recycled forest products. We fastidiously recycle office paper, frequently using both sides before recycling.

In short, we respect the environment in which we live, and we do whatever we can to minimize the human impact on local resources. Those resources include the air we breathe, the water we drink, bathe, and swim in, and the wood we use for shelter, heat, and business.