Support Levels


Guided groups are best if you like joining a small group, and want all day support, often including trailside al fresco picnics. You can choose from existing dates, or can request new dates – either privately or open to others.

  • Small groups or private tours with all-day vehicle support. You will see the vehicle frequently, and can usually hop aboard when you want to. There will be handwashing, snacks, and drinking water available.
  • Local driver/guides (usually 1:6 ratio or better; often 1:4), all day every day. Groups are usually a maximum of 12, with two guides. Groups of six or fewer may have one guide.
  • Daytime picnics and snacks.
  • All lodging and breakfasts.
  • Most dinners. Good ones!
  • Maintain your own pace.

“…espresso at lunch, hand ground beans, really…wow!” – Jim and BJ.



Self-guided tours are all about freedom to choose your travel dates, your pace, and any customization you want. Your luggage is moved between inns so that you don’t need to carry it, and with few exceptions, you will have a driver to call for help in case of difficulty or emergency. We do not propose fixed dates for self-guided trips, but we do add them to our calendar once you have booked, in case others want quick confirmation to follow the same route on the same dates. On most itineraries, your driver can give you a boost on days when your luggage is moved; otherwise, you will normally be expected to ride the entire prescribed route each day, and to be more independent than on a guided trip, including doing minor bike repairs such as flat tires. Your driver, in most cases, will be on call to help (extra cost may apply).

  • Private travel with luggage transfers.
  • Responsive on-call service. Your driver is in the area in most destinations, and is available for emergencies.
  • All lodging and most breakfasts.
  • Daily contact or briefing with your driver (some exceptions).
  • Lifts when necessary, and if requested at other times (this sometimes incurs extra costs).
  • Choose your own dates.

“…so delighted that Freewheeling offers self-guided… for our family, this approach provided us with freedom and flexibility to structure our days as we wished…combined with the convenience of having our bags moved and Freewheeling’s expert planning for accommodations, activities, and route!” -Jennifer S.



Self-Drive provides the utmost freedom on your adventure, while still having the details taken care of. Only available on select trips, you can count on our years of experience to point you to the absolute best activities, hotels, and food these areas have to offer.

  • Private travel.
  • All lodging and most breakfasts.
  • Choose your own dates.

“Handpicked routes that could only come from years of experience!” – Bob D.


Activity Levels

To help you choose an appropriate level of daily challenge, we use elevation profiles to represent the route, and a challenge-rating system using symbols from the skiing world. Many of you will already be familiar with it; If not, here is a brief explanation. Note that these classifications may vary with weather and/or road conditions, and you should always arrive with a sense of fun and adventure. If you are unsure, choose a guided trip. The vehicle support can help you get over any hill, and can turn even the most difficult trip into an easy one.


The easiest routes we offer, these are generally flat and cover relatively relaxed distances. You will be comfortable riding a hybrid bike, walking in sneakers, or paddling a light kayak, and will normally have time to take many photos and enjoy extended lunches.



This is primarily an easy route, but some days may fall into the moderate category. You can expect time to stop and small the roses, but some of the rides may be on more hilly terrain.



Requiring moderate fitness levels, these cover terrain with hills and valleys, and tend to include distances of 50-80km (30-50mi.)/day cycling, or 3-6 hours of walking per day. Most Freewheeling Adventures fall into this category, and are suitable for most ability levels.



This is primarily a moderate route, suitable for most ability levels, but some days may be a little more challenging. You can expect some long distances, and/or some big climbs/descents



The most challenging trips, these include longer distances, bigger hills, long hikes, exposed paddling, and full days of activity. We recommend a higher degree of fitness and training to make the most of the experience.



There is also a rare double black diamond, reserved for only the most difficult adventures.


Family Travel

As a family or multi-generation group you may book any Freewheeling Adventure, and can request a private version if you like. Otherwise, once you have reserved, we will do our best to attract other families with similar ages.

If young children are part of your family plans, please call us (800-672-0775 in North America) to include us from the start, and to ascertain the suitability of your tour choice. We will work for you to maximize the fun and ease the planning for you. We are a family business with plenty of experience with family groups. We know that young children like to slow down and play at every opportunity, and that parents and grandparents sometimes like to play a part in that fun while also covering the day’s route. We adapt to these mixed needs with a flexibile guiding style, sensitive to the preferences and dynamics of each family group. It is common for us to adjust the pace to suit the youngest or oldest, while asking for the indulgence of faster explorers, to keep the holiday spirit at its best. If you instruct us otherwise, we listen to that, too.

There are discounts available when three people share a room. If a third participant 12 years old or younger shares a room with two other full-paying guests, they receive a 20% adventure discount. This becomes a 50% discount if the third participant is 4 years old or younger. We avoid the use of temporary beds for adults, but if you can accept one for your children, it can open up more sharing possibilities and savings.

Children’s bikes, trailer-bikes, and trailers, when rented in association with a Canadian tour and other adult bicycle rentals, are complimentary. We extend this saving to adult bikes ridden by teenagers travelling with parents on a Canadian or European trip having a minimum of four participants. Burley d’Lite trailers, with a total weight of 17lbs, and a towing capacity of 100lbs, are available for those who are yet too young to pedal. They are suitable for one or two children and have storage pockets, rain covers and sunscreens. Availability is limited, so please reserve well ahead. Trailer bikes attach to the back of any adult bike to turn into tandems suitable for children up to 4′ tall. The children can assist you by pedaling or can simply freewheel as you do all the work while they focus their attention on the passing sights and your conversation. Tandem bikes are also available in some locations.

“My happiest family vacations are all with Freewheeling! Thank you for helping bring our family and friends together… Each year we create memories to last a lifetime.” – Cindy and Larry B.

Premium Equipment


We provide excellent, well maintained bikes, including hybrid fitness bikes suitable for road and light trails, fast, light road bikes, and great electric-assist e-bikes. They are usually TREK bikes, and details can be seen here.

If you are using one of our bikes, you can expect a well-maintained machine in excellent condition, and our attention to make sure it stays so. If you bring your own bike, you will be responsible for all repairs, and we strongly recommend a thorough, professional tune-up before you commence your trip.

If you expect to need extra service on a consistent basis, or are not familiar with basic bike maintenance – flat tires and minor adjustments – please consider a guided or private guided trip. We can normally accommodate your new dates.


The Cuisine


We seek and provide excellent nutrition for hungry adventurers. Breakfasts are almost always included on all adventures. On guided trips most lunches and dinners are also included, and on self-guided trips, we provide the information you need to make good lunch and dinner choices on your own. We prepare roadside picnics for you along guided routes, and we provide healthy snacks for between meals. At dinnertime, we choose the best restaurants we know of, making exceptions only when the freedom for you to explore multiple options is more appropriate, especially on the second night in one location.

We ask you for information about your dietary restrictions and preferences before you arrive. We inform your guides and the restaurants included in the itinerary. Vegetarians, vegans, seafood lovers, children, and other discriminating palates can usually be well accommodated. If you have kosher, celiac, or other very restrictive dietary needs, please ask before booking.

“Vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and mango allergies were all considered and we felt incredibly well cared for. ” – Cliff & Peg


Hygiene & Covid 19 Precautions

We are accustomed to maintaining a high level of hygiene, especially as it relates to the service of our al fresco trailside picnics. In response to the pandemic, we have elevated our standards to include frequent handwashing all day, compulsory mask wearing during all transfers, full surface sanitization twice daily or more as situation demands, equipment sanitization before any transfer between guides and guests, distancing protocols, and several measures to maximize hygiene while serving those wonderful picnics.