At Freewheeling Adventures, we are always looking to expand our list of guides, helpers, and support people. We have been organizing world-class experiences to our guests in Canada and Europe since 1987 – all based out of our headquarters in rural Hubbards, NS. Our team plays a variety of roles in an exciting environment, where our well-practiced procedures, flexible attitude, and attention to details help to deliver the highest level of service possible.

We love what we do and the places we go, and are excited to share them with you. We are family, friends, and community. The trip leaders, support drivers, and both seasonal and full-time office staff are here because they share our drive for excellence, and creating special and unqiue moments. If you are detail-oriented, service minded, and passionate about sharing joy and fun with others – we want to meet you. Please get in touch via our application forms below, or any time via phone call or email.

We are located on the Aspotogan peninsula, 10 minutes’ drive from Hubbards, NS, or about 40 minutes from Halifax. Our office is relaxed, positive, friendly, and remote enough that you will need a car (or bicycle) to get here unless you live nearby.

Freewheeling Adventures is an equal opportunity employer, committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Bike Tour Guides, Walking Guides, and Drivers

We are seeking capable, fun-loving guides, and supportive drivers. Most drivers and guides start work from the Nova Scotian headquarters, and must be able to work in Canada and/or Europe. They like travel, and helping people have a fabulous time. If this sounds like you, please contact us.

You will normally begin on a part-time basis, and may be able to advance quickly to seasonal full-time if that is what you want. You can be a driver without being a guide, but even as a guide, some driving is normally part of the job.

Apply now at adventure(at), or through this link:





Join the FWHQ Office Team

Offering part-time or seasonal full-time flexibility. Working in a beautiful location, with ocean swimming breaks on site, and working with a positive, collaborative team to bring people wonderful experiences.

Apply now at adventure(at), or through this link:




To apply, reach us at adventure(at), or call (902) 857-3600

Join our family-run business as a part-time or seasonal full-time bookkeeper. Familiarity with Quickbooks Online and bookkeeping principles is a must. Enjoy a beautiful work environment and become part of a positive, collaborative team dedicated to providing exceptional experiences.

Equipment Manager/Mechanics

To apply, reach us at adventure(at), or call (902) 857-3600

If you’re mechanically inclined and enjoy hands-on work, this is your chance to manage and maintain our fleet of bicycles and vehicles. Help us ensure everything is in top condition for our adventure tours.

Project Based Developer

To apply, reach us at adventure(at), or call (902) 857-3600

Should have experience with Microsoft Access/MySQL, WordPress/Woocommerce, PHP, HTML/JS/CSS, and Python. Networking skills an asset. Join us to help streamline complex processes through efficiency and creativity.