Human Pyramid on the beach on tour with Freewheeling Adventures


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Prince Edward Island offers gentle landscapes, nutritious cuisine, and luxurious rest. The slower pace of the island makes it such a joy to explore by bicycle or on foot!

The warm, sandy coast is always nearby, and the quiet roads and trails are ideal for bike touring or walking. There are small hills, but the highest point on the whole island is only 400 feet, and the entire island is only 225 kms (140 miles) long! Join us for a bike tour, or walking tour, on an island where the red soil, sandy beaches, blue sea, and abundant summer green make a tapestry of photogenic abundance!


Prince Edward Island: Walking Tour

Five nights; six days. Easy trail and beach walking, including parts of the Confederation Trail and PEI National Park beaches. 

Prince Edward Island: Sideroads Bike Tour

Five nights; six days of easy bicycle touring from one end of Prince Edward Island to the other on scenic, paved roads, paved bike paths, and the best of the Confederation Trail. Includes visits to Green Gables, PEI National Park, and sandy beaches along the north shore.

Prince Edward Island: Confederation Trail Bike Tour

Five nights; six days of easy bicycle touring along the traffic-free Confederation Trail, and bike paths of the National Park.

Québec: Magdalen Islands Multi-Activity Tour

Six nights; seven days of adventure by bike, sea kayak and on foot, with an introduction to kite-buggying and many optional activities, including cave swimming, kite surfing, and sailing. Excellent for private groups, families, or combined with Prince Edward Island tours.