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Single Kayak

Our 17ft long, 23″ wide single kayaks easily accommodate most adult paddlers and can carry expedition gear. The bow and stern hatches have large openings, and the bulkheads provide ample flotation. Rudders make directional control easy. High initial stability, excellent glide and outstanding acceleration contribute to their safety margin.

Daily: C 70
Weekly: C 260
Two weeks: C 390

Tandem Kayak

This tandem sea kayak is unlike anything else available. Stable yet roomy, it features three bulkheads and two large hatches, a foot-controlled rudder, comfortable seats and generous deck lines. Designed for longer trips, it is a less tippy choice for two, and at least as fast as a single kayak when paddled well.

Daily: C 95
Weekly: C 325
Two weeks: C 485