"The mission statement of your company is reflected by the staff you hire and style of food provided. Congratulations, we shall certainly look at future trips with Freewheeling." -
Genesse B. and Wayne H.

Tour Guiding & Other Employment Opportunities

Freewheeling Adventures is based in Nova Scotia, Canada. With the exception of friends and partners in distant destinations, all staff and members of the guiding team work or travel from the Nova Scotian headquarters, and must be able to work legally in Canada.

  • Seasonal Bike Tour Guides & Walking Guides

During the spring/summer/autumn season, guides are needed for cycling or hiking trips in Canada and Europe. Successful applicants in Canada normally begin with self-guided assignments on a part-time basis, and can advance quickly to full-time. Most need Canadian citizenship, first aid training, and a class 4 driver's license (10-25 passengers) with a good driving record. In Europe, and destinations other than Canada, we seek part-time partnerships with local guides. Helpful assets include bicycle maintenance skills and some familiarity with our areas of travel. Compassion, high-energy, good written reporting, and a service mentality are required. A good eye for photography is also an advantage. If you are able to guide in Europe, or are prepared to begin on an occasional or part-time basis in Canada and have the means to live close to our HQ in Nova Scotia or one of our trip locations, please contact us. Even when nothing is immediately available, we will keep your application on file for opportunities in the near future.

  • Picnic Lunch Facilitator

We seek an energetic creative person to work seasonally at our HQ, with flexible hours, including some weekend time, late May til early October. Our guests tell us that they love the presentation of our picnic lunches in lovely outdoor settings. We enjoy the challenges of taking care of all the details, especially when it comes to food. We know just where to find the best brownies, oatcakes, oysters, coffee, sushi and chutney, and do our best to deliver excellent home-grown, organic fare. Active travellers need good food. Here are a few details about the work:

    • Pack picnic cases for specific tours, including dishes, cutlery, linens, and coffee/tea supplies with a focus on tasteful presentation and proper hygiene at the picnic site;
    • Unload supplies from our vans as they return from tours, then clean and assimilate all the picnic supplies, washing coolers, dishes, linens, and cutlery, and deal with leftover food;
    • Clean vans: sweeping, dusting, washing, and general detailing;
    • Maintain weekly supplies for the tour lunches with checklists, inventories, and some bulk shopping: tortilla chips, granola bars, bottled/canned drinks, paper towels, laundry soap, etc.
    • Keep our workspaces clean: kitchen floors, fridges, surfaces and utensils;
    • Shopping at the market, light gardening, and some food preparation.

    • Seasonal Sea Kayak Guides

    Sea kayak guides are occassionally needed for trips in Nova Scotia and PEI. Successful applicants usually begin with day trips, basic instruction, and occasional extended trips, and advance to camping expeditions as needs and skills progress. Candidates need Canadian citizenship, first aid training, a good driving record, and familiarity with navigation, safety, and the marine environment. Leadership traits, high energy, and a service mentality are required. It helps to be able to prepare attractive picnics and hot meals in sometimes adverse conditions. We have no immediate need, but if you would like to be on our standby team, now is a good time to contact us.

    • Bicycle Mechanics

    We sometimes need bicycle mechanics capable of building, maintaining, repairing, and storing a fleet of bicycles through the spring, summer, and autumn season, mid-May to mid-September. Successful candidates will be good at keeping bikes in perfect condition, diagnosing repair issues quickly, maintaining good records, and keeping a tidy work space. Benefits include access to great equipment deals.

    • Reservations, Administration, and Reception Staff

    If you are an organized, detail-oriented individual, with compassionate communication both verbally and in writing, and a keen interest in healthy activity and travel, we need you. You must be willing to live close to our HQ in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, and to work as part of a team. Benefits include the active opportunities of the business and its oceanfront setting. These jobs arise on an irregular basis, and it can be helpful for both of us if we know about your interest.

    • Logistics Management & Trip Planning

    We are occasionally looking for help with trip planning and coordinating. You should be good with mapping, writing, internet research, and travel. Schedule is flexible - busier in summer than winter. Location is near Hubbards, NS.

    • Creative Sales and Marketing

    We sometimes seek help with administration of marketing accounts and advertising. You should have basic skills in graphic design, Google and web advertising, and a keen interest in tracking results of your efforts. You must be willing to live close to our HQ in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, and to work as part of a team.


    If you would like to work with us in any of these positions, please apply in writing, by email, fax, or mail. Email: adventure@freewheeling.ca; Fax: 902-857-3612; Mail: 2118 Route 329, Hubbards, NS, B0J 1T0