Trailer Bike and Baby Trailer available for rent

Bike Trailers & Tag-Along

C 25C 185

Child Trailers: We use really cool Burley D’Lite bicycle trailers, with a total weight of 17 lbs, and a towing capacity of 100lbs. They are suitable for one or two children, and have storage pockets, rain covers, and sunscreens. Please reserve well in advance.

Trailer Bikes: Attach one to the back of any adult’s bike to turn it into a tandem suitable for children up to 4’ tall. They can assist you by pedalling, or can simply freewheel as you do all the work. They have no directional or braking control.

Daily: C 25
Weekly: C 125
Two weeks: C 185

Pay a deposit of C 25 per item

PLEASE NOTE: In order to collect the bike, you will each rider needs to sign our liability waiver unaltered. For riders under 18, they need a signature from a parent or guardian. You need to bring a credit card with embossed numbers for a credit card imprint on the waiver. If you can not meet these terms, please contact us before purchase.

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