Czech Republic:

Vienna to Prague Bike Tour

Seven nights; seven days of moderately challenging bicycle touring on quiet roads and forest trails. From the historic Liechtenstein estates of Valtice and Lednice, follow the Austria-Czech border through the vineyards of southern Moravia to the castles and cobblestones of Český Krumlov in southern Bohemia.


Start: Breclav train station, 14:00 day one.

Finish: Prague's main bus terminal (Florenc), day eight. Complimentary transfers (~3hours) by comfortable air-conditioned coach to Prague departs Český Krumlov at 07:00, 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 and 19:00.Please let us know what time you would like to depart so we can book your seat in advance.

Day 1:

5-10km Walking tour of Valtice

Meet at the Breclav train terminal at 14:00. Visit the first of two Liechtenstein Palaces. Learn about Valtice, its vineyards and wine cellars on a relaxed afternoon walking tour. D (Meal inclusions provided for guided trips. Self-guided trips include breakfast only). 
Penzion Prinz, or

Hotel Besendi Dum; Valtice

Day 2:

30 km across Liechtenstein Estate

A pleasant ride along quiet pathways through forests and fields, today you will visit two extravagant châteaux and several follies scattered over what was once the expansive Liechtenstein Estate, reaching from their winter home in Valtice to their newer summer palace in Lednice. The estate is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ride on quiet roads into small town of Mikulov for the night, where you can visit the historic square and castle, and the synagogue and Jewish Cemetery, over 400 years old. BLD
Hotel Templ, or

Hotel Galant; Mikulov

Day 3:

45 km Mikulov to Vranov

Explore Mikulov, and then transfer to the historical centre of Znojmo. Ride along the border, through Podyji National Park, visiting villages like Cizov, where you will hear stories of people slipping past the Iron Curtain during communist rule. Today’s ride offers some climbing, and you may choose to descend into Austria to visit the tiny town and ruined castle of Novy Hradek. The descent into Vranov, with its castle perched above the river is an exhilarating finish. BD
Penzion Inspira, Vranov

Day 4:

46 km Vranov to Telc

Start the day with an invigorating climb towards the château, where you can regain your breath overlooking the beautiful valley. Ride through fields of poppies and sunflowers, while seeing remnants of the iron curtain. Following the Austrian border, you can stop to visit the Jewish Cemetery at Safov, and the pottery workshop and Renaissance château at Uhercice before boarding a train at Slavonice bound for Telč and your hotel for the night. Telč is a picturesque renaissance town painted in elegant pastels and recognized as a UNECSCO World Heritage site. B
Hotel Celerin, or

Hotel U Hrabenky; Telc

Day 5:

45 km Telc to Jindrichuv Hradec

A very quiet ride through the forests and fields of the Czech Moravian Highlands. At Kosteini Myslova, you can stop to visit the simple yet poignant memorial to the Jewish painter Frantisek Moritz Nagl who died in the extermination camps at Auschwitz. The castle at Jindrichuv Hradec is the third largest in the Czech Republic (only Český Krumlov and Prague are larger).  In the spring, you may see storks nesting on the chimneys above the palace. BLD
Hotel Concertino, or

Hotel Penzion; Jindrichuv Hradec

Day 6:

30 km Bohemia Lake District

Ride through the woods and meadows of the southern Bohemia Lake District. There are ponds filled with carp and other species we recommend you taste at this evening’s meal. You will cycle through the gate and across the moat into the medieval city of Trebon, home to yet another fascinating castle, the Regent Brewery, and the largest lake in the region. BL
Hotel Zlata Hvezda, Masarykovo Namesti, Trebon

Day 7:

56 km Trebon to Český Krumlov

There are a few hills on your ride towards the UNESCO Heritage site of Český Krumlov, the largest and best known of the ancient towns on your route.  Spend the afternoon exploring the narrow cobblestone streets, the looming castle, and its Baroque theatre, before gathering for dinner. BLD  
Hotel Arcadie, or

Hotel Peregrin; Český Krumlov

Day 8:

Explore Český Krumlov

This morning allows for extra time to explore Český Krumlov. A complimentary 3 hours coach transfer to Prague departs Český Krumlov at 07:00, 11:00, 15:00 and 19:00. B


Note about the route:

A moderate leisurely ride with the occasional challenging hill. The route follows mostly paved roads with short stretches of unpaved pathways through parks, estates and forests. A portion of your tour cost will be donated to local community projects.

During nearly 50 years of communist rule, this area was closed to travelers. The villages were charming but neglected. Now cafés are popping up and you can visit places like the Bohemian crystal glass factories, where old crafts are being revived. This bicycle tour follows a corridor of countryside laced with castles and beautiful biking trails that pass through several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Telč, and medieval Český Krumlov. Freewheeling Adventures has organized a partnership with Czech planners, so you will have the benefit of vast local knowledge and years of experience, as well as the service and attention you’ve come to expect from your Freewheeling guides. The people-to-people part is what makes the experience especially memorable, and a percentage of the trip fee goes toward restoration projects along the way. The rides are shorter, making this trip accessible to most and allowing plenty of time to explore the many sights along the way. This bicycle tour also works well as a family trip.

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This adventure works well by adding some extra time in Vienna before the trip begins and Prague at its conclusion.

Consider an eight day warm up tour along the easy Passau to Vienna Danube route.



US 3045 C 3395

(per person, includes 8 days, 7 nights, 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners, luggage handling, van and guide support, maps, route notes and GPS*, and value added tax)


US 2235 C 2495

(per person, includes 8 days, 7 nights, 7 breakfasts, luggage transfers, maps, route notes, GPS*, and value added tax)

Single Occupancy

US 495 C 565

Bicycle Rental

Hybrid: US 200 C 225
Electric Assist: US 355 C 395
Full Carbon Racing: US 355 C 395

All details and pricing are subject to change without notice.


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