How much training should I do before going on one of your tours?

If you are choosing a guided bike tour, you will be looked after whatever your fitness level, even if it means getting boosts from the support vehicle. On self-guided trips, you will normally need to cover the distances on your own, but will have a support driver nearby in case you need help, and who will be moving your luggage and can give you a boost at the same time. If you are choosing a walking or hiking adventure, please look at the distance, elevation profiles, and route notes to make sure they look like a good fit with your stamina and ability.

For bicycle tours, we suggest you go for several short rides (5-10km) in the weeks leading up to your holiday, and at least one longer, sustained ride (20-30km). This helps eliminate the soreness associated with the first ride after long periods of abstinence. It also gets your body used to riding positions, and may show you what clothing will make you most comfortable.

On walking and hiking trips, we suggest you go for a few hour-long walks in the weeks before you come, and to try to string at least two days together, with walks of 2-3 hours each.