I am bringing my own bike with me, in a transport box. What can I do with the box while I am on tour with you? Will my guides assist me with unpacking and preparing it for my tour?

Because of van space concerns, we cannot provide transport for bike boxes, except by prior arrangement, usually at an extra cost. However, we can usually find ways for you to store your bike box at the start/finish point, and can sometimes arrange a taxi pickup at the airport when you arrive. You should arrive prepared to put your own bike together, and to re-pack your bike at the end of the tour. Our guides have many concerns to which they must devote their time, and are not free to help you with mechanical issues until all other needs have been met. If you are not comfortable putting your own bike together, we suggest considering the rental of one of our bikes, or finding a nearby bike shop prior to the tour start, and after the tour end. Be sure to account for this in travel plans. Please ensure your equipment is mechanically prepared ahead of time. You might also want to ship your bike to a bike shop and ask them to re-assemble it for you, but we urge you not to ship across borders, where they tend to get delayed.