The price usually remains as advertised for a group of at least six on a guided trip, or for at least two if it’s self-guided. All you need to do is to fill out our reservation form, indicating your new dates. We will provide a proposed itinerary and details. Note that we are often able to invite others to join your guided group unless you prefer to keep it private.

The single occupancy charge is added to cover the extra cost of having a room to yourself, and can be found in the “Dates & Pricing” tab on the tour page. If you would prefer to share a room and avoid the extra fee, please let us know that you would like to share, and we will try to match you with a roommate of the same gender.

There are extra costs if you need single occupancy or bicycle rental. These are listed along with prices on our tour pages. You will also need to secure your own transport to the start point and from the finish point. During the tour, you need to pay for any meals not listed as included, any activity listed as optional, and all bar bills. We cover gratuities at the restaurants, but it is customary for you to tip your guides or drivers at the end of the tour.

We strongly recommend that you obtain trip cancellation/interruption insurance as part of any travel plans. We have seen it work well many times, especially when the reason for cancelling is medical or professional. If you do not have coverage, or if your changes are not covered under the policy, you have three options that are outlined in our Terms & Conditions Page.

We make it as easy as we can. If we have at least 45 days, cancellation only costs your initial planning deposit. If you give us 60 days’ notice, changes are possible at minimal or no cost. See our terms and conditions for full details.

We cover all gratuities on included meals and lodging, with the exception of your bar bills, if you have any. It is, though, customary for you to tip your driver/guides at the end of the trip. The norm is usually in the vicinity of 5% of the trip cost, per participant, per guide, if they have served you well.