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3-Bike Car Rack (Trunk Mounted)

Our trunk mounted car racks are usually Saris Bones 3 racks. These are the best on the market for carrying three bikes at a time (max 35 lb/bike), and has the largest vehicle compatibility available. The rubberized feet protect your rental vehicle from any damage, provided you follow the recommended installation instructions.

Daily: C 10
Weekly: C 25
Two weeks: C 50

4-Bike Car Rack (Hitch Mounted)

Our hitch mounted car racks are usually Yakima Roadtrip racks, or similar. These are the best on the market for carrying fours bikes at a time (max 40 lb/bike), and has a two inch hitch mount to attach on a vehicle.

Daily: C 20
Weekly: C 75
Two weeks: C 110

Bike Trailers & Tag-Along

Child Trailers: We use really cool Burley D’Lite bicycle trailers, with a total weight of 17 lbs, and a towing capacity of 100lbs. They are suitable for one or two children, and have storage pockets, rain covers, and sunscreens. Please reserve well in advance.

Trailer Bikes: Attach one to the back of any adult’s bike to turn it into a tandem suitable for children up to 4’ tall. They can assist you by pedalling, or can simply freewheel as you do all the work. They have no directional or braking control.

Daily: C 25
Weekly: C 125
Two weeks: C 185


Electric pedal-assist with a possible range of about 130km between battery swaps. Most are Trek bikes with BionX 500, Bosch, or Shimano STEP motors. Batteries can be recharged quickly, and spare batteries are available by request. Please reserve these bikes early; they are in high demand and our stock is limited.

Daily: C 85
Weekly: C 465
Two weeks: C 795


The cycling position is comfortable and semi-upright. These and similar electric bikes are the rental bicycles we recommend and supply for most riders. We use Trek FX2 or equivalent, and all sizes, including children’s, are available. They come equipped with water bottle, odometer, rear rack, trunk bag, high visibility vest, lock, pump, patch kit, and spare inner tube.

Daily: C 40
Weekly: C 180
Two weeks: C 270


Performance Road/Gravel bicycles with drop handlebars. Trek Domane AL5, or similar, with full Shimano 105 components and hydraulic disc brakes. These come equipped with a rear rack and small trunk bag.

Daily: C 60
Weekly: C 300
Two weeks: C 450

Single Kayak

Our 17ft long, 23″ wide single kayaks easily accommodate most adult paddlers and can carry expedition gear. The bow and stern hatches have large openings, and the bulkheads provide ample flotation. Rudders make directional control easy. High initial stability, excellent glide and outstanding acceleration contribute to their safety margin.

Daily: C 70
Weekly: C 260
Two weeks: C 390


One Medium Size Trek T-1000 tandem bicycle rental is available in Atlantic Canada only. This is currently setup with flat handlebars and a rear rack as pictured.

Daily: C 80
Weekly: C 360
Two weeks: C 540

Tandem Kayak

This tandem sea kayak is unlike anything else available. Stable yet roomy, it features three bulkheads and two large hatches, a foot-controlled rudder, comfortable seats and generous deck lines. Designed for longer trips, it is a less tippy choice for two, and at least as fast as a single kayak when paddled well.

Daily: C 95
Weekly: C 325
Two weeks: C 485