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Faroe Islands: Hiking Tour

Seven nights; eight days of walks and hikes along established trails, laneways, coastal paths, and breathtaking cliffs.

“Handpicked routes that could only come from years of experience!” – Bob D.


  • Beautiful coastal walks undiscovered by mass tourism.
  • Ancient settlements and remote villages.
  • Spectacular Vestmanna bird cliffs.
  • Lush valleys.
  • Sheep pastures.
  • The lake and falls at Bøsdalafossur.
  • Knowing you have experienced part of the world relatively few others have.



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Easy to challenging walks and hikes on established paths and laneways. Three to six hours of walking daily, with options for further exploration. Some of the walks on the Faroe Islands Hiking Tour are along the coast; conditions are weather dependent and may be wet. Good quality, waterproof, hiking footwear is recommended.

Daily Distance:

  • 1: Introductions & hike Bøur-Gásadalur ~3.5km.
  • 2: Miðvágur Bøsdalafossur ~5km, boat tour of the Bird Cliffs of Vestmanna, and hike Vestmanna to the dam at Fossá ~2km.
  • 3: Hike Leynar-Kollfjarðardalur ~3km & Slættaratindur ~5km. 1 hour transfer to Gjógv.
  • 4: Hike Hellurnar-Fuglafjørður ~6km & Kambsdalur-Skálabotnur ~3.5km.
  • 5: Villingardalsfjall ~6km and Klaksvík Hálsur Klakkur ~8km.
  • 6: 1 hour transfer to Tórshavn, hike Oyndarfjørður -Elduvík ~4km enroute.
  • 7: Sandur-Søltuvík ~9km or Guðrunarløkur Skarvanes Dalur ~7.5km. Ferry crossing to/from Sandoy.
  • 8: Hike Kirkjubøur – Tórshavn ~7km. Farewells.

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Start: Vágar Airport, 14:00, day one. Most flights come through Copenhagen; we recommend spending some time in this wonderful city before or after your trip to the Faroes.

Finish: Vágar Airport, 12:30, day eight.

Meal inclusions: Listed for guided trips only, please see dates & pricing section for accurate inclusions per support level.

Please contact us to arrange alternate meeting and departure plans, if necessary.


DAY 1:

Introductions & hike Bøur-Gásadalur ~3.5km.

Meet at Vágar’s airport for a brief transfer to the ancient settlement of Bøur. Hike a legendary path to the beautifully remote village of Gásadalur, which rests in a lush, green valley at the foot of the aptly named Árnafjall (Eagles’ Mountain), the tallest mountain on Vágar. Watch for Risasporið (the giant’s footprint) along the way; local folklore tells of the giant of Gásadalur, who once quarrelled with a giant from Mykines, and in his haste to confront the other giant, he took running leaps along the mountain, leaving behind the imprint of his massive foot.

Meal Inclusions: Dinner.

Hotel Vágar, Sørvágur.

DAY 2:

Miðvágur Bøsdalafossur ~5km, boat tour of the Bird Cliffs of Vestmanna, and hike Vestmanna to the dam at Fossá ~2km.

Today’s hike stretches past the cliffs of Trøllkonufingur (Trollwoman’s Finger); Sørvágsvatn, the largest lake on the islands; and Trælanípa, a wall of towering cliffs along the ocean where thousands of birds nest. Marvel at the mighty Bøsdalafossur waterfall before visiting the Vestmanna bird cliffs. The magnificent 700 m cliffs are accessible only by boat (weather dependent), allowing for a unique and up-close perspective of the nesting grounds of puffins, razorbills, guillemots, and fulmars. The walk to the Fossá dam offers picturesque views of the port town of Vestmanna below.

Meal Inclusions: Breakfast, Lunch.

Same lodging.

DAY 3:

Hike Leynar-Kollfjarðardalur ~3km & Slættaratindur ~5km. 1 hour transfer to Gjógv.

Transfer north to Gjógv, a community on the island of Eysturoy named for the 200-metre long gorge running to the sea. Along the way, take a break from driving to enjoying two beautiful hikes. Follow the cairns past the cliffs as you leave the village of Leynar. Travel along to Lake Skælingsvatn, but beware the Nykur, a mythical horse-like being that attempts to lure passers-by into the waters. You will follow the river Brekká down to Kollfjarðardalur, and climb to the peak of Slættaratindur, from where, on a clear day, you can see for miles.

Meal Inclusions: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Gjáargardur Guesthouse, Gjógv.

DAY 4:

Hike Hellurnar-Fuglafjørður ~6km & Kambsdalur-Skálabotnur ~3.5km.

Sjúrðargøta, the foot path that connects Hellurnar to Fuglafjørður, extends to the mountain of Altarið. Spectacular views of the islands to the north can be seen from its peak. After lunch in the bustling town of Fuglafjørður, climb from Kambsdalur to a rock formation called Eingilskahús (The English House), where locals kept watch for raiding ships in ancient times. As you descend toward the sandy beach village of Skálabotnur you will pass Varmakelda, a small hot spring known for its healing properties.

Meal Inclusions: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Hotel Runavík, Runavík; or, Hotel Klaksvik, Klaksvik.

DAY 5:

Villingardalsfjall ~6km and Klaksvík Hálsur Klakkur ~8km.

Reach toward the northeast tip of the Faroes today, glimpsing the smaller islands of Fugloy and Svínoy off to the east as you ascend from the old town of Viðareið. Malinsfjall mountain towers over Viðareið to the south, near the Enniberg cliffs, believed to be the highest promontory in Europe - and perhaps the world - facing the open sea. An afternoon hike will return to the hills, this time for excellent views of Kalsoy, a narrow island to the north.

Meal Inclusions: Breakfast, Lunch.

Same lodging.

DAY 6:

1 hour transfer to Tórshavn, hike Oyndarfjørður -Elduvík ~4km enroute.

The drive south to Tórshavn will be punctuated with a cross-peninsula walk through pasturelands between Oyndarfjørður, known for its ‘rocking stones’ in the sea, and the tiny village of Elduvík, population of 23. Near Elduvík lies the magnificent Elduvíksgjógv Gorge. Reach your destination of Tórshavn in time to explore this vibrant port city independently before dinner.

Meal Inclusions: Breakfast, Lunch.

Hotel Hafnia, or, Hotel Foroyar, Tórshavn.

DAY 7:

Sandur-Søltuvík ~9km or Guðrunarløkur Skarvanes Dalur ~7.5km. Ferry crossing to/from Sandoy.

Begin with a short drive to the Gamlarætt ferry to sail to Sandoy Island. You will have an enviable choice between two picturesque hikes on the way to the valley town of Skálavik: the walk to Søltuvík from Sandur, leading past the Witch’s Footprint (Gívrinarspor) to the hole where she lived (Gívrinarhol), offering refreshing sea breezes and views across the bay of Søltuvík; or a walk to Dalur, at the southern tip of the island, travelling into the grassy hillside pastures, peat land, and Lake Vatnsdalur area – a birder’s paradise! Return by ferry at the end of the day.

Meal Inclusions: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Same lodging.

DAY 8:

Hike Kirkjubøur – Tórshavn ~7km. Farewells.

Following breakfast you will visit the traditional village of Kirkjubøur, home of one of the oldest wooden farmhouses in the world. The hike begins at the ruins of an ancient cathedral and winds past two small lakes to the top of the peninsula, where you will be rewarded with spectacular views of Tórshavn and all of Nólsoy below. The farm path drops down to the vibrant urban center of the islands. Transfer to Vágar Airport in time to catch an afternoon flight.

Meal Inclusions: Breakfast.

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The best time to enjoy this tour is June to August.

  • Spring temperatures of 3-9 °C (37-48 °F) from April to May.
  • Summer, mid June through August, is cool, normally peaking around 13 °C (55 °F).
  • Autumn, September to mid October, daytimes 8 to 12 °C range (47-53 °F).

The islands are generally windy, cloudy and cool throughout the year. Variations in altitude, ocean currents, topography and wind mean the climate differs greatly, even though distances between locations is small. This makes for unpredictable and highly changeable weather.



The mighty Gásadalur, the lake and falls at Bøsdalafossur, nesting sea bird on the cliffs of Vestmanna, standing at the highest point on the islands, eating with the locals, settling into a hot tub at the end of a rewarding day, knowing you have experienced part of the world relatively few others have.

Your adventure begins in Vágar, in the northwest, and will cross the islands to experience and explore the best hikes that the Faroes have to offer. The hikes will take you to locals of singular natural beauty, mountains, cliffs, lakes and waterfalls as well as to some of the oldest and most traditional small villages to be found. You will visit nesting sea birds and share pastures with sheep. A comfortable inn and fine food wait at the end of each day.