Hiking Tours & Walking Adventures

Walking is one of the gentlest exercises, yet brings such good health and rewards. Your perspective changes with each step, and you can go lightly to places unreachable by other means. We make it particularly fun for you to explore on these hiking adventures, whether you want the bouyant company of a small guided group, or the independence of being self-guided - in both cases with the benefit of vehicle support. These itineraries include the best hiking paths and walking routes available, and the logistics to make a seamless walking holiday. The food is good; the inns are welcoming; and the sights divine!

Guided Hiking Trips:

We propose favorable dates for guided trips, and guarantee departure once there are four registrants. We can guarantee departures for fewer (2-3), as long as you are willing to switch to self-guided or pay 20% more for private guiding if there are not at least four registrants by departure date.

You may request your own self-guided or new guided dates at any time. Once we confirm, we will add your new date to our schedule and make it available for others to join.

Please refer to the tour pages under "CHOOSE YOUR TRIP" above to find our proposed dates. If you prefer to join a departure already confirmed but not yet full, please have a look at this list of existing groups.

Guided walking holidays include:

Self-guided walking holidays include:

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