Hungary, Slovakia & Poland

Budapest to Krakow Walk

Seven nights; six days. A hiking tour from the banks of the Danube River on the outskirts of Budapest through the back bone of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to the royal city of Krakow. Visit five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, experience stunning panoramas from Slovakia’s highest peaks, and enjoy one of the best national trail systems in the world.
“The trip was outstanding. You guys know what you are doing.” - Michael B.


Start: Szentendre, in the lobby of your hotel, 18:00, day one. Self-guided guests will be greeted and briefed at 09:30 on day two.

Finish: Krakow, noon, day eight.

Day 1

Meet in Szentendre

Szentendre is a small town 12 miles from Budapest and easily accessible by car on highway 11, subway train (Hev), coach (Volan), or by boat on the Danube (Mahart). Guided groups will meet their guides at 18:00, but we recommend arriving earlier so you can explore the town’s two dozen museums, seven churches, 13 galleries, and countless coffee shops and little pubs. Highlights include the Open Air Ethnographic Museum (home to the largest ethnographic collection in Hungary) and the Ferenczy Museum (a permanent collection of Hungary’s most artistic family). Self guided walkers will be greeted and briefed tomorrow morning. D (Meal inclusions provided for guided trips. Self-guided trips include breakfast only)

Hotel Bukkos, Szentendre, Hungary

Day 2

Szentendre to Visegrad to Esztergom ~14km

Following a 30 minute transfer to Visegrad, you will begin your hike with wonderful views of the Danube Bend and the hills surrounding Visegrad. Today’s hike is moderately challenging and leads you through beautiful forests and lush meadows. You’ll pass the Solomon Tower, one of Central Europe’s best-preserved Romanesque towers, and the Renaissance-style King Matthias Palace. In the late afternoon, you will be transferred 30 minutes to Esztergom, one of the oldest towns in Hungary, home to an enormous basilica, and the traditional seat of the Hungarian Roman Catholic bishops. Esztergom is renowned for its Hungarian Classicalism architecture and its situation on the meandering Danube River and surrounded by the Pilis Mountains. BL
Pension Bazilika, Esztergom, Hungary

Day 3

Prencov to Banska Stiavnica ~23km

An hour and a half transfer will take you across the Slovakian border into the village of Prencov. You’ll hike to the observation tower atop of Sitno, the highest peak in the Stiavnicke Highlands. Your path will lead you through an area that was settled in the 3rd century by the Huns who began a tradition of extracting silver and gold from the hills that continues today. You will follow an interesting system of lakes and canals to Banska Stiavnica, a UNESCO protected town that lies in the middle of gigantic caldera, created by the collapse of an ancient volcano. BLD
Hotel Grand Matej, Banska Stiavnica, Slovakia

Day 4

Mt. Salatin to Ruzomberok ~16km

Transfer about an hour from Banska Stiavnica to Liptovska Luzna where you will begin hiking into the Low Tatras and the most difficult part of this adventure. An easy beginning warms you up for a steep climb to the top of Mt. Salatin (1,630m), where you will be rewarded with an exceptional view of Liptov and surrounding area. You will spend the day exploring the prettiest foot trails in the Low Tatras National Park, home to species of bear, wolf, lynx and the critically endangered Tatra chamois. You will finish with a short transfer from below Salatin to Ruzomberok BLD
Hotel Kultura, Ruzomberok, Slovakia

Day 5

Prosiecka and Kvacianska Valley to Liptovsky Mikulas ~12km

Your morning transfer from Ruzomberok to Prosiek will take about 30 minutes. From here, you will venture into one of Slovakia's most beautiful valleys. The Kvacianska Valley is an invigorating hiking circuit, featuring beautiful wilderness, a refreshing waterfall, and a unique restored wooden mill in the hamlet of Oblazy. Along some sections of the trail, you’ll need to use ladders to ascend. After finishing the walking route you will be transferred by car to Liptovsky Mikulas, made famous as the place where Juraj Janosik, the "Slovak Robin Hood," was brutally hung from a hook to his death in 1713. BLD
Hotel Steve, Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia

Day 6

Mt. Chopok ~15km

Leave your luggage in your room today, as you will be returning to Liptovsky Mikulas this afternoon. A short transfer will take you to the very heart of the Low Tatras where you will hike along the main ridge of the Certovica Pass. You will experience panoramic views of spectacular landscape. Enjoy the atmosphere of two mountain huts on the ridge, or go to the highest peak of the Low Tatras; Mt. Dumbier (2043 m). Your hike ends at the top of Mt. Chopok (2024 m), where you will access a lift to the Demanovska Valley. After a full day of hiking, you’ll transfer back to Liptovsky Mikulas. BL
Same lodging

Day 7

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska to Krakow ~5km

This morning you will transfer into Poland to the village of Lanckorona, where before you begin your final leg of the hike, you will visit an interesting project created to preserve local folk architecture. From here, you will hike to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and the reverential Stations of the Cross, consisting of 32 chapels and chaplets and ending in the monumental Bernadine monastery. At the end of the day, you will be transferred into Krakow, a short distance away. BLD
Hotel Polski, Krakow, Poland

Day 8


You will need more than one day to experience Krakow properly. Wawel Castle, the Old Market Square, and the Kazimierz Jewish quarter, can each easily take a day; we recommend planning extra time to explore the city’s museums, cafes, pubs, theatres and clubs. You may also want to take a day trip to visit Auschwitz or the salt mines of Wieliczka. On request, we can assist with booking post adventure accommodations on your behalf. Your adventure concludes at noon, following a morning of exploring the cultural, artistic, economic, and academic center of Poland. B


Note about the route:

Moderate to challenging hiking along Slovakia's highest peaks, on an established trail system, around 16 km/day. Good quality footwear is required.

This pleasant hike along the ancient amber trail trading route takes you through three countries - Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland, and includes five UNESCO world heritage sites. Your journey begins about 20 kilometres north of Budapest in Szentendre; a picturesque little town full of cafes, restaurants, galleries, churches, museums, little shops, and street artists. It is the gateway to the Danube Bend, an often photographed area of Hungary where the river winds between steep hills to Visegrad and the historic town of Ezstergom. The magnificent cathedral at Ezstergom has been the seat of the Hungarian bishops for centuries. Crossing the Danube, you will enter Slovakia and walk onward to the medieval mining town of Banska Stiavnica. The adventure will become more challenging as it progresses and you work your way into the Low Tatras and some of the most dramatic scenery in Slovakia. You will walk through small mountain villages that are rarely visited by tourists. The unique culture and traditions of the hospitable people who live hear create a very special atmosphere amidst the beauty of the mountains. Your walk can also include several visits to majestic medieval castles; the most impressive may be the Oravsky Castle which was built in the 13th century, on a cliff overlooking the Arva River. In Poland you will hike to Kalwaria Zebrzydowska and visit its UNESCO protected chapels and churches, including the infamous Stations of the Cross, before a final transfer into Krakow. We recommend you consider staying an extra day or two in Kraków, especially if you care to visit important sites such at the Wieliczka Salt Mines, and Auschwitz.

Map & Elevations

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Day # Daily distance
Szentendre exploration
Krakow exploration

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Spend a week warming up your muscles on the easier Vienna to Budapest ride.

Plan some extra time to experience the castle district or thermal baths of Budapest.

Krakow deserves extra time too, and is a good base from which to visit the somber site of Auschwitz.


US 3325 C 3795 (per person, double occupancy)

(Includes 8 days, 7 nights, 7 breakfasts, 6 picnic lunches, 5 dinners, luggage handling, walking tour of Banska Stiavnica and Krakow, van and guide support, maps, route notes and GPS*, taxes)

US 2595 C 2995 (per person, double occupancy)

(Includes 8 days, 7 nights, 7 breakfasts, relevant van transfers, luggage transfers, maps, route notes and GPS*, local cell phone** and taxes)

Single room

US 345 C 395

*GPS units may be shared.

** Cellular phone will be provided for support contact. You will be invoiced for personal calls.

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