Earn trip credits for your shared images and videos!

As well as sharing the memories with us and your fellow adventurers, you will receive publishing credit, and can claim the following trip credits for any images we use:

  • Full printed catalogue page - $100

  • Partial printed catalogue page - $50

  • Website video clip - $100

  • Website photos (including slideshows) - $25

  • We use SmugMug as our photo sharing partner.
    As an adventure participant, you will receive a link for easy uploads and downloads.

Want more credits? Some hints for success:

  • Strive for clarity, colour, and suitability for reproduction – use a large, clean lens; chose a high resolution.

  • Include big sky, ocean, sand, open road, and things that show the charm and fun of a Freewheeling Adventure.

  • Catch smiling faces without sunglasses. Eyes and smiles are the best!

  • People moving toward you usually make better photos than people’s backs.

  • Waving, smiling, dramatic gestures, and silly antics all contribute to the fun.