Amalfi Coast Walk

Seven nights; eight days of easy and moderate hikes on paths and country roads.

“It was my dream trip. Thank you for setting it up.” – Rick I.


Start: Cava de' Tirreni train station, 18:00, day one. Trains are available from Rome (2.5hr). Please contact us to arrange alternate plans, if necessary.

Finish: Sorrento, morning of day eight. Circumvesuviana to Naples, train to Rome.
(3 hours)

Day 1:

Meeting & Dinner

On your arrival, you’ll be transferred directly from the Cava de’ Tirreni train station to your beautiful hotel about 4km from the center. This is a perfect base for exploring the captivating pleasures of the Italian dolce vita. In Cava de’ Tirreni you’ll discover the distinctive arched arcades of the Borgo Scacciaventi and experience what the atmosphere must have been like in the 15th century. At 18:00, meet your tour leader in the hotel for a briefing about what lies ahead, then enjoy dinner at a local restaurant in Cava de’ Tirreni. D (Meal inclusions provided for guided trips only. Note: Self-guided trips include breakfast)
Hotel Scapolatiello, Cava de’ Tirreni

Day 2:

Walking - easy 2.5 hours along quiet village streets and country roads

Take a small local bus to reach the attractive Benedictine Abbey of the Holy Trinity, to feel the atmosphere of a glorious past, visiting the true symbol of religious and cultural prestige of Cava de’ Tirreni. After a pleasant and peaceful guided visit of the Abbey’s treasures, we start a lovely walk directly from the church square, through chestnut woods whose pathways reveal astonishing views of the Amalfi Coast, with its tiny, pastel-hued, hillside villages overlooking the expansive Bay of Salerno. Descending stairs along sheer stone walls, you will pass through villages of the Divine Coast before arriving at the decorated village of Vietri sul Mare. There is time to explore at leisure this colourful town - the source of some beautiful hand painted ceramic art – and to watch craftspeople creating exclusive works of art. This afternoon you’ll return to your inn near Cava de’ Tirreni. You can dine independently here, or your guides will help arrange transportation to the town center where there are several great dining options. BL
Same lodging

Day 3:

Walk 3.5 hours, moderate difficulty, on paths

Start with a walk through a lush green valley with chestnut and oak trees. This rewarding hike leads to the coast through a shadowed mule-path once used by pilgrims and traders to reach the coast. You can enjoy superb coastal scenery as you descend to the pleasant fishing village of Cetara, nestled in a valley and dominated by a tower built to prevent Saracen attacks during the 16th century. It is famous for gastronomy based on lemons, tuna, and anchovies - products exported to points all over the globe. Continue toward the renowned town Amalfi, once an important maritime republic, in time to explore and enjoy the panoramic view from the terrace of your hotel. BL
Hotel Marina Riviera, Amalfi

Day 4:

Walking – an easy 4.5 hours along pathways and pedestrian streets

Enjoy an easy, gradual ascent along the valley of the ancient mills towards the celebrated village of Ravello. Starting from your hotel, you pass the vibrant streets of the historical center before following the green riverbank past the ruins of several abandoned mills. The pathway climbs out of the valley and takes you through lemon groves and narrow alleys surrounded by dry stone walls, into the hilltop village and tiny square of Pontone, a perfect spot for a picnic lunch with a panoramic view. Afterwards, walking toward Ravello, enjoy some dramatic views of Amalfi and Atrani from the ruins of Torre dello Zirro: an ancient lookout tower of the powerful Maritime Amalfi Republic. Stairs lead into Ravello, a town of rich and noble traditions, exemplified by magnificent historical villas with incomparable gardens. The afternoon is free to explore the town. We strongly recommend you visit the Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. Return to Amalfi by public bus, or following ancient stairways down to the village of Atrani, a maze of narrow white washed alleys. BL
Same lodging

Day 5:

Walking – easy/moderate 4.5 hours of pathways and pedestrian streets Sorrento Peninsula and Divine Coast.

Today’s walk takes you along one of the most spectacular trails overlooking the Amalfi Coast, as well as one of the main highlights of this adventure. By public bus, climb up the zigzag coastal road enjoying impressive views of the terraces built over centuries and preserved by today’s communities. The walking begins in Bomerano, and offers terrific coastline landscapes looking out towards the famous Isle of Capri and the Sorrento Peninsula. Splendid views of the Divine Coast enhance the pathway to Nocelle, a tiny mountain village. From there, descend through lush terraces and olive groves to the vertically charming resort of Positano. There is time to explore the labyrinth of alleyways beneath scarlet bougainvillea and past elegant boutiques before taking a bus to your next destination. Leave the Divine Coast to experience the glamour and enchantment of the Sirens’ Land. Finish, perhaps, with a glass of wine while enjoying the sensational landscapes overlooking the Sorrento Peninsula and Vesuvius. BD

Guided trips: Historical country lodge on Sorrento Peninsula. Website and name obscured to protect the undiscovered nature of this lodge. If you are interested in this trip, please contact us for details.
Self-guided trips: Hotel Palazzo Murat, Positano

Day 6:

Walking Pompeii and Sorrento 1.5 hours

Today you will have an in-depth visit to the world’s most captivating Roman excavation. The devastating eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in AD 79 trapped 25,000 inhabitants of Pompeii, many of whom left impressive examples of everyday life in the 1st Century. Pompeii can be experienced on your own with an audio guide or guide book; both are available at the site's main entrance. Tours with authorized English speaking archaeological guides can be arranged with advanced notice. From Pompeii you’ll return to Sorrento by in time to visit the historical centre, enjoying an atmosphere of beautiful scenery and delicious gastronomic traditions famous the world over. BD
Same lodging

Day 7:

Walking – easy 3.5 hours along country roads and pedestrian streets

Take a morning boat to the Isle of Capri - famous since Emperor Tiberius chose to live there in Roman times - to enjoy its gorgeous nature and pleasant climate. If you prefer, you can take the local train to Pompeii, to visit, independently, the world’s most captivating Roman excavation (a full visit takes at least half a day). We gather to celebrate our Italian week together with dinner at our excellent farmhouse. BLD
Same lodging

Day 8:

Farewells and transfer to Sorrento

Your trip ends after breakfast with a group transfer to Sorrento, from where we will assist you in catching trains to anywhere in Italy. B


Note about the route:

A fully escorted, walking and hiking adventure tour on the best hiking trails along the Mediterranean Coast of Italy. Note: not all meals are included, but there is great freedom of choice, and we will make suggestions. Enjoy fine accommodations, dining, and responsible small group travel.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the unique and undisputed beauty of its landscape, Italy’s Amalfi coast plunges into the sea from great heights, where a fantastic series of terraces support a culture known for large lemons, thick paper, and passionate people. It is no surprise that visitors leave with strong emotions, pleasant memories, and a strong yearning to return. The charming, seductive landscape inspired the Sirens in Homer’s Odysseus, and is oft known as the “Green Gate of the Amalfi Coast”. The intense scent of lemons; the bright colours of bougainvillea; the celebrated flavours of Italian cooking – all enhance a holiday of walking on a heady network of pathways overlooking the sea: lifelines between terraced land and rural villages. You will visit Positano, Atrani and Ravello, and will rest in lovely hotel on a cliff-edged promontory overlooking the bay of Naples and Vesuvius. This prestigious family-run country house has hosted prominent personalities of Italian history, and Nobel prize winners. You will see why. Come and experience La Dolce Vita!

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