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Austria, Slovakia, Hungary:

Vienna to Budapest Bike Tour

Eight days – seven nights, and seven days of easy cycling along the Danube River and the Hungarian Sea.
“ At times I wasn’t sure whether I was on a bike tour with good food or a food tour with great biking.”
- Steve O.

"Solid, surprising, satisfying... what we were hoping for. 3 countries, every kind of surface imaginable, all sorts of different settings; farms, small towns, major cities, woods, levees, and everything in between, ... off the beaten path and into the real world..."
- Michael and Katie


Start: Vienna, Austria.

Finish: Budapest, Hungary.

Day 1


Meet in Vienna, the cultural, economic and political centre of Austria. Introductions, bike and route familiarization will precede dinner. D (Meal inclusions provided for guided trips. Self-guided trips include breakfast only.)

Hotel Austria, or
Hotel City Central, or
Hotel Stefanie.

Day 2

Vienna to Hainburg on the Danube. 55km, or 76km with optional afternoon ride to Carnuntum.

Begin cycling along the beautiful Danube River through the Donau-Auen national park east of Vienna. Pass the ruins of the Roman city of Carnuntum, as you approach Hainburg, the easternmost town in Austria, known for its well-preserved medieval fortification. BLD

Hotel Zum Goldenen Anker, Hainburg an der Donau; or
Hotel Altes Kloster, Hainburg an der Donau

Day 3

Hainburg to Bratislava. Long Option 51km; Short Option 38km.

Today is a full day of riding, taking advantage of this protected area and flat cycle paths. Devin Castle, an important symbol for Slovakia’s national rebirth. Re-enter Austria by crossing the river Morava and cycle through quiet fields before another crossing of the Danube. Visit Carnuntum, archaeological site of what was once the biggest Roman city in the province of Western Pannonia - a thriving trading post and significant military stronghold on the Danube.  Rest tonight in Slovakia’s bustling modern capital with its charming Old Town: center of Maria Theresa’s campaign to reclaim Hungary from the Ottomans.  BLD

Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel, Bratislava; or
Hotel Devin, Bratislava; or
Falkensteiner Hotel Bratislava

Day 4

Bratislava to Gyor. 90km +226m

Follow the Danube bike path out of Bratislava, then leave the river path to enjoy the Hungarian countryside, seamlessly switching countries again. Your destination is Gyor, at the confluence of three rivers. Originally a Hungarian stronghold from A.D.900, it boasts a superb 12th century cathedral.  BLD

Hotel Capitulum, or
Barokk Hotel Promenád Győr, or
Golden Ball Club Hotel & Fitness

Day 5

Gyor to Zirc. 74km +650m.

Depart Gyor and cycle through quiet farm fields to Pannonhalma, a thousand-year-old Benedictine abbey, housing one of Europe’s richest monastic libraries, but also produces artisanal chocolate, exquisite wines and lavender liquor. Ride into forested hills to find the charming town of Zirc where you will rest tonight. BLD

Hotel Szarvaskút és Kemencés Étterem, or
Hotel Forest Hills,

Day 6

Zirc to Balaton. Long 75km, Short 60km.

Today’s ride descends from southern Bakony through the pretty, interesting, very rural Balaton uplands toward the pretty northern Lake Balaton shore – a precious place in landlocked Hungary, where they call it the ‘Hungarian Sea’. B

Anna Grand Hotel Wine & Vital, or
Villa Vitae.

Day 7

Balaton Loop Ride. Long 78km +283m; Short 52km +203m.

Ride around the Hungarian sea on dedicated, paved bike paths and very quiet roads. The volcanic mountain range rising along its northern shore together with the Mediterranean climate provide the perfect conditions for excellent wines, cuisine, and outdoor enjoyment. We have prescribed routes, but your daily distance can be infinitely adjustable to suit your preference of the moment. BL

Same Lodging

Day 8

Ride towards Gardony. 32km, or up to 88km. Afternoon pickup and transfer into Budapest.

A final ride along the Balaton lakeshore on a bike path, followed by some road riding towards Budapest, and a pickup early afternoon for a transfer into the magnificent city of Budapest. Once at the center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it boasts some of the most incredible architecture in Europe. Your driver/guides will deliver you to your hotel of choice in Budapest. Ask us oif you would like help with choice and booking. BL


Route expectations:
A downstream, predominantly flat ride the first 4 days, on level riverside terrain or in the flat countryside. Mid-ride days have moderate climbs through the uplands.

This route is a continuation of the cycling trail from Passau to Vienna and winds its way along the Danube between the two important European cities of Vienna and Budapest. They hold the legacies of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the form of exquisite and impressive architecture. The route goes through the capital city of Slovakia – Bratislava, and the historically significant towns of Gyor and Esztergom where you can marvel at the largest cathedral in Hungary. The fascinating town of Szentendre is a highlight. Full of churches, galleries, and museums, such as the renowned Hungarian Open Air Museum, you can enjoy this town’s charm and situation on the banks of the Danube below the Pilis Mountains. This bicycle tour gives you relaxed and easy cycling all the way to Budapest on quiet roads and bike pathways, through a nice balance of vibrant centers and rustic, traditional landscapes of fields, vineyards and forests.

Note: This adventure is easily preceded with the Austrian ride from Passau to Vienna, for a two week downstream experience. Please ask if you are interested.

Map & Elevations

Austria Vienna to Budapest cycling route map Click here for the elevation profile

Day # Daily distance
60 km
58 km
46 km
72 km
55 km
82 km

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Vienna offers plenty to distract you for days; make sure to allow time for at least one of the Musicians Walks.

"In Budapest, we did a lot of walking... The House of Terror was excellent, and we did spend a few hours at the Szechenyi Baths. We especially enjoyed the wine tasting at DiVino, just off St. Stephen's Square. Try Budapest Bisztro near Hotel Parliament." R&D Barnes.

Plan some extra time to experience the castle district or thermal baths of Budapest

Consider adding eight days of more challenging cycling between Budapest and Krakow.

“Full marks go to the European guides for their knowledge of the route and the area in general; communications with guides very good.” - Anon

“I found the European guides to be particularly knowledgeable of the culture, restaurants, and language...they had a lot to offer.” - Anon

“Milan, during our scheduled breaks kept us well fed, well hydrated and well photographed during our rides. Pete and Norbert carried good tasty snacks and water which we were able to access at anytime during the ride.” - May G.

“Your team made some good decisions re; alter paths/routes to ensure our enjoyment, ease of riding and maximized our opportunities to see the different sights available in the areas” - May G.

“We found wonderful small and quaint cafés everyday for our morning coffee breaks…our trip was an outstanding experience!” - Jim L & Dana D


US 3955 C 4665 (per person, double occupancy)

Includes 8 days, 7 nights, 7 breakfasts, 4 picnic lunches, 5 dinners, luggage handling, van and guide support, maps, route notes, GPS units*, and taxes

US 3575 C 4175 (per person, double occupancy)

Includes 8 days, 7 nights, 7 breakfasts, luggage transfers, local mobile phone, GPS units*, maps and route notes, taxes

Single room

US 495 C 585


Hybrid: US 185 C 225
Electric Assist: US 375 C 455

*GPS units may be shared.

All details and pricing are subject to change without notice.