Jerusalem to Eilat Bike Tour

Seven nights, six days of activity. Cycling in Southern Israel's Negev with an option to extend your trip to Petra in Jordan. Chosen one of the world’s best trips by Bicycling, Outside, and Men’s Journal.
“...a fabulous time... we loved the whole thing!” - Elaine E.


Start: Jerusalem, Inbal Hotel, 18:00, day one. One hour by taxi from Ben Gurion airport. We recommend arriving before noon Friday or after dusk Saturday, to avoid public transport shortage and other inconveniences associated with Shabbat. Please contact us to arrange alternate plans, if necessary.

Finish: Eilat, following breakfast on day eight.

Day 1


18:00 meeting at your hotel in Jerusalem, for introductions, technical briefing, and dinner. D
Inbal, or

Day 2

Walking in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is (and always was) a small town by international standards, but most people around the globe have heard its name; people who never heard the names of New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Rome or Beijing know something about the city that endured 87 regime changes, two thirds of them by battle. Your guided tour in Jerusalem is an essential introduction for those whose knowledge of Israel’s history is not complete. In the morning you will visit observation points around the city, then visit the old city to see the important sites that draw the attention of millions of tourists, pilgrims, poets, artists, philosophers, politicians, worriers, and media correspondents over the ages. In the afternoon you will walk the caves of the City of David. B
Same lodging

Day 3

Eretz Pleshet, Beit Guvrin, Arad 72km

Today starts with a short transfer to Mevo Beitar, on the edge of Jerusalem where the cycling begins. Descend to the "flat land" or "Eretz Pleshet" as it is named in the Bible. You will see the Judean Mountains and ride through "Emek Ha'Ella" (The Goddess Valley) where young David defeated Goliath some 3000 years ago. You will visit the Roman Amphitheatre of Eleutropolis, and wander through breath-taking and famous Bell Caves of Beit Guvrin. After emerging to light again, you will transfer by vehicle from the southern tip of the Judean Mountains straight into the Judean Desert, and to the desert town of Arad. BLD
Yehelim Boutique Hotel, Arad

Day 4

Masada, Ein Gedi, the Dead Sea 45km

Masada is a fascinating archaeological site. It has breath-taking views, and a heroic story to tell. It inspires an ideological debate, and it has a lot to do with the spirit that made Israel exist. You will enjoy an awe-inspiring early-morning ride from Arad to Masada, and then climb by foot up to Masada via the Roman Ramp. You will see the recently discovered and reconstructed sites, and enjoy spectacular views of the Dead Sea, the Moab Mountains, and Jordan across the African Rift Valley. You can descend from Masada on foot or by cable car then continue on bikes to the oasis of Ein Gedi (where you can hike in the spectacular canyon, view the wildlife or visit the 6th century synagogue and its famous floor mosaic) or the waters of Dead Sea. You will then have plenty of time to enjoy the water’s healing power, and to laugh at the amazing experience of enhanced buoyancy. Transfer back to Arad at day’s end. BLD
Same lodging

Day 5

Mamshit, Machtesh Gadol, Mitzpe Ramon 65km

Begin with a bike ride from Arad to Giv'at Tzaffit along a quiet desert road. From there, you’ll transfer by van to Mamshit to visit the ancient Nabataean city. In the heart of the Negev, Mamshit was a prosperous city of great importance to the trade route that linked Egypt and India in the 1st and 2nd centuries. Afterward, cycle to Machtesh Gadol, the second largest crater in Israel. Finish with a short transfer to your luxurious inn at Mitzpe Ramon. BLD
Beresheet Hotel, or
iBex Desert Inn,
Mitzpe Ramon

Day 6

Negev Desert – 10 to 20km hike, or mountain bike up to 45km

This morning, you can choose between a gentle hike and a challenging off-road ride. The hike takes you to the Zin Canyon where the flora and fauna illustrate the delicate uniqueness of this desert region. It also leads to the Ein Advat Oasis, and the Ein Ma’arif observation point - a once prosperous city on the spice route linking Petra and the Mediterranean coast. The bike ride is on the well maintained Nahal Noked Trail, exploring the wonderful valley between the Halukim and Haboker Ridges enroute to an award wining winery at Kibbutz Sde Boker, also the home and burial place of David Ben Gurion. From there, both groups finish the day with a visit to the Nabatean ruins of Avdat, and a short transfer back to your brilliant inn to savour the Negev ambience. BL
Same lodging

Day 7

Machtesh Ramon, Uvda Valley, Eilat – up to 160km

Start with a visit to Camel Rock from where you can see the first 30 miles of today’s ride. The optional hike on the edge of the 1500ft. cliff is extra stunning at sunrise when there is better chance of meeting the wild ibex and soaring griffons. From Mitzpe Ramon, you will cycle the mountains of the Negev and across the desert, starting with a magnificent descent into the Machtesh Ramon crater. This fabulous ride through wide open Uvda wilderness is real desert, real desolation, and real cycling in a wonderful landscape. You will ride into the Eilat Mountains then descend to Yotvata where you can sample their renowned dairy products before a final transfer into Eilat. BLD BLD
Royal Beach Hotel, or
Queen of Sheba Hilton,

Day 8

Snorkelling, transfers and Farewells

Sleep in late or wake early with an option to snorkel and explore some of the most beautiful reefs of the world. The narrowing of the red sea rift valley makes for a spectacular natural wind tunnel, perfect for wind surfing. Finish in time for afternoon flights back to the center of the country, some 300km north, where your Freewheeling Adventure started. There are several daily flights back to Tel Aviv operated by Israir and Arkia. B

* You may opt to spend the day visiting Petra (only 2 hours from Eilat; pre-arrangements are necessary). Petra extensions are arranged through our Jordanian partners; contact us for options and details.*


Note about the route:

A moderately easy ride, on a mix of paved and unpaved roads, with some hard-packed desert tracks, punctuated frequently with interpretive stops. Lodging is mostly high-end full service hotels with two nights of simpler boutique style lodging in Arad.

Israel is full of wonder-filling culture, history, and geology, where many roots of Western Civilization are clearly evident. It is where the Torah and the Bible were lived, and is a great place to celebrate or dream. This quiet route will immerse you in exciting archaeology and carry you through green valleys, pine forests, and the Negev Desert. You will explore caves, hear epic tales, and learn about Jewish, Greek, Roman and Christian history. Beginning with an informed introduction to the sites and sounds of Jerusalem, you will then see David and Goliath’s field of battle before riding into the Judean Desert from Arad and on to the powerful fortress of Masada. You will see stunning views of the African Rift Valley, the Dead Sea and the Mountains of Moab. You will float in the Dead Sea, and will see Israel's largest national park. Finish in Eilat, where you can enjoy beaches, warm water, and world famous snorkelling or scuba diving. You can also extend your adventure to experience Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s most amazing archaeological landscapes. This adventure will fascinate you with new and old world pleasures; between the wonderful people and magical places, it will deepen your understanding of the marvellous complexity of Israel.

Map & Elevations

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Day # Daily distance
Walking in Jerusalem
    30km + options
  Up to 160km
  Snorkelling, transfers and Farewells

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Extend your adventure with a guided excursion into Jordan to visit Petra!

Consider joining our trip in North Israel, privately or with a group.

Jerusalem is a beautiful city and deserves some extra time to explore.


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