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Magdalen Islands Multisport & Bike Tour

Six nights; seven days of adventure by bike, sea kayak and on foot, with an introduction to kite-buggying and many optional activities, including cave swimming, kite surfing, and sailing. Excellent for private groups, families, or combined with Prince Edward Island tours.
“...the incredible beauty of these remote French Islands... The French hospitality was wonderful and the food was absolutely “out of this world” delicious.” – Mike P. & Leanne Y.

"Love the diversity... Great biking but also really cool kite buggying and sea kayaking." - Bill T.


Start: Charlottetown, PEI, The Great George, 11:00 day one. Please contact us to arrange alternate pickup location in Charlottetown, or a 13:00 pickup in Souris, PEI.

Finish: 14:00 Souris or 15:00 Charlottetown, day seven.

Day 1


Transfer from Charlottetown before noon, or meet in Souris at 13:00 for the 14:00 ferry to Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine. After dinner, visit the Café de La Grave, where the locals gather in the evening for music and laughter. D (Meal inclusions provided for guided trips. Self-guided trips include breakfast only)
Auberge Chez Denis à François

Day 2

30km bike ride or 15km walk, and an afternoon of kayaking

Morning ride or walk around the roads of the southernmost island, Île du Havre Aubert. The natural harbour at Havre Aubert is surrounded by round hills called "Les Demoiselles". The nearby historical site of La Grave is a fascinating highlight to a morning on quiet rolling roads, grassy seaside meadows, and sandy beaches. In the afternoon explore gorgeously red sandstone cliffs and calm lagoons by kayak. Reward yourself with a drink and pastry at a café before choosing from exquisite restaurants for dinner. BL
Same lodging

Day 3

5km hilly walk and island exploration, with optional alternatives

Cross to Anglophone Île d’Entrée by small boat, for exploration on foot of this hilly, emerald island. The unobstructed view from the pinnacle of the island is the finest. If you prefer, you can have a day to yourself, to play nine holes of golf, go horseback riding, or try swimming through sea caves. BD
Same lodging (same as last night or tomorrow night's inn based on availability)

Day 4

39km bike ride and kite buggying

Ride northward to Île du Cap aux Meules with a stop in L’Étang-du-Nord for a picnic at the scenic lookoff at Cap du Phare – Lighthouse Cape. After lunch, get ready for an exciting afternoon of kite-buggying. This new and increasingly popular sport will leave you wanting more, and the Magdalen Islands are the perfect spot to try it out. Kite buggies can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what level of experience, after an introduction to power kiting. Some may choose a tandem experience with an instructor. Those who pick it up quickly may have the chance to attempt kite surfing. Power kiting is addictive and you will probably want more. Tonight’s dinner options are amongst the finest of Atlantic Canada. BL
Domaine du Vieux Couvent, Havre aux Maisons

Day 5

40-100km ride plus optional hike at the Point de l’Est Wildlife Area

Cyclists will ride north along the beach and dunes to Ile aux Loups, Grosse Ile, and the Point de l'Est bird sanctuary. You will have a French picnic lunch in an idyllic meadow with a panoramic view, on the northernmost populated island of the archipelago. Walkers will transfer to the Point de l’Est bird sanctuary, and will spend the day walking the perimeter of the sanctuary on wide, gorgeous sand beaches, with forays into the interior to look for birds among the woods and barachois. BL
Same lodging

Day 6

Various activities available

As you will have realized by now, this is a place to linger and savour. We include an extra day with limited structure for you to pursue whatever options make you happiest. Many want more kite buggying and kayaking. Some want more cycling or beach time. Others want to re-visit their favourite café, to play in the waves and bask at the beach, or walking on the cliffs. Your inn is in a central location, within reach of most islands by bike or van. You choose; we facilitate! This can be the most enjoyable day of your holiday, and we look forward to helping make it satisfying for you. If you prefer, leave the choice to us and we will surprise you with a carefully considered combination of activities guaranteed to leave you pleasantly tired and ready for a final dinner on Les Iles. BD
Same lodging

Day 7


Early morning ferry back to PEI. After lunch on board, you will arrive in Souris by 14:00, and will commence the 45-minute drive to Charlottetown right away. Finish in Charlottetown by about 15:00. B


Route expectations:

The activities are moderate, walking for 3-6 hours each day, or riding 32- 100km (20-60mi.)/day on rolling paved roads with one short gravel section, some ocean kayaking, power kiting, and sea cave exploration (conditions permitting). We ride downwind as much as we can. You should be at ease in the water to enjoy the kayaks and sea caves.

This is a fascinating active holiday with pleasure and thrills in the magical Îles de la Madeleine. Connected by long, thin, sand dunes to form a crescent in the middle of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, this archipelago is a summer paradise for activity, shrouded in the mystery that comes only with the isolation these islands enjoy.

You will explore a new island each day, using a mix of activities. As well as the familiar cycling and walking, you will have opportunities to surf on the waves in your kayak, and to harness the wind for an exciting ride on the sand in a tiny, kite-propelled buggy! There are so many to choose from, you can also mix activities based on your whims if you prefer not to follow the plan.

The adventure starts with a ferry trip from Prince Edward Island across the warm Gulf waters, in time for a wonderful introduction to the fabulous French cuisine. Your guided exploration will commence the following morning, and your days will give you an appetite for the fabulous cuisine you’ll enjoy each evening. The landscape here is wild and fragile. The people, mainly of Acadian descent, mixed with shipwreck survivors who never left, have a strong heritage: French is the first language of the majority of the Madelinots, with an Anglophone minority population, and fishing is still their predominant way of life. Honest, hardworking, and friendly, they welcome visitors to share the special pleasure of their uniquely isolated, very Acadian lifestyle. Superb food, good humour, unusual thrills, and some of the longest and nicest beaches you'll ever see, are the highlights. Come and discover the magic.

To learn more about the culture and heritage of the Magdalen Islands watch Legends of Magdalen, a documentary about the shipwrecks, myths, and legends surrounding the islands.

Trip history:
Freewheeling directors Cathy and Philip are involved with a bicycle advocacy board, whose mission leads it to follow the excellent example made by Quebec’s bicycle network - la Route Verte. Studying la Route Verte led to the discovery of some wonderful routes, perfectly suited to Freewheeling’s week-long holidays. Some of our past guides came from Quebec and helped us discover the little things that make a trip outstanding. We now frequently travel to Quebec for biking and skiing, and having become familiar with some fine inns and cuisine in rural Quebec, have developed five unique itineraries in superbly scenic and fascinating regions.

Map & Elevations

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Day # Daily distance
5 km + options
39 km + options
  40-100 km + optional hike

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"Fairholm National Historic Inn was a great place to stay before and after in Charlottetown - a unique place with a wonderful breakfast." - Bill T.

PEI is often touted as Canada's best golf destination so keen golfers will want to make time for a few rounds.

If you are driving to Charlottetown and need a place to park your vehicle for the duration of your tour, secure dowtown options are listed here, but you should also ask your pre-tour lodging provider for options too.


US 3275 C 3985 (per person, double occupancy)

Includes 7 days, 6 nights, 6 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, ferries, luggage handling, van and guide support, maps, route instructions, sea kayaking, Île d’Entrée excursion, kite flying and buggy introduction, sales taxes

US 2745 C 3295 (per person, double occupancy)

Includes 7 days, 6 nights, 6 breakfasts, ferries, luggage transfers, essential transfers, maps, route instructions, on-call emergency support, guided sea kayaking, Île d’Entrée excursion, kite flying and buggy introduction, taxes

Single room

US 725 C 875 (tax included)


Hybrid: US 135 C 155
Road: US 255 C 295
Full Carbon Road/a>: US 395 C 455
Electric-assist: US 395 C 455

All details and pricing are subject to change without notice.